Creativity in conferences

In tough times, creativity is essential. And there is no getting around it – the energy sector is facing some challenges. So how does a start-up energy focused conference company gain traction and grow rapidly when budgets are being slashed and the market size is shrinking?

By being creative.

Oil price sub $50? Life goes on, business continues, companies continue to spend money. There is more scrutiny, but this is a good thing. It forces everyone to up their game, provide real value and look for solutions that work for all parties. It is no longer – “here is my product, if you want it this is the price. If you don’t want it, someone else will.”

There needs to be more dialogue, less pitches. What are your objectives – be they business development, knowledge acquisition or market positioning? How can we help you meet your objectives?

I love conferences – they are a living, breathing thing. They can be shaped and moulded to meet the objectives of the market. They can be many different things to many different people. At my company, we passionately believe conferences are the best forum for idea exchange, marketing and networking. The very nature of conferences leads to helping grow businesses.

But they need to be done right. We need to be flexible. The best conference is not the one with the most people or the one that runs exactly on time – it is the conference that meets the greatest number of objectives and contributes to solving the greatest number of challenges for the most number of participants.

How can we help you reach your objectives and solve your challenges?

These obviously differ per company. That is why we must ask all stakeholders.

Dialogues, not monologues. Discussions, not pitches.

Fundamentally we believe nothing beats shaking hands with peers and potential customers and nothing beats meaningful debate and discussion about topics that improve the bottom line. Conferences are awesome vehicles for this.

So let’s discuss ideas. How can we help? Let’s get creative.

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