The genesis of the Energy Conference Network

I have been running conference companies for close to 2 decades – and have loved every minute of it. Organising conferences that meet and exceed industry expectations and play an important role in the advancement of best practice is very rewarding.

The previous companies I have managed have organised events in many sectors – telecommunications, infrastructure, healthcare, education, tourism, defense to name a few. Managers, producers, marketers, salespeople all gained some knowledge of each sector, but it was difficult to become true sector specialists – to really get close to the market and understand what they need to survive and thrive.

I knew my next company should focus on one sector – one that is central to the growth of all others.

The oil and gas sector is the engine that drives the global economy – and is one driven by technological advances, innovation and a commitment to growth. It is a sector that relies on close collaboration between all levels of the value chain to overcome significant challenges. It is an industry in which conferences can play a crucial role.

The Energy Conference Network has been established to work hand in hand with upstream, midstream and downstream organisations, as well as industry suppliers and contractors. It has been established to facilitate new business relationships and to contribute to the advancement of industry knowledge.

I am very excited to launch the Energy Conference Network, and build a company that will play an important role in the growth of the energy sector.

Symon Rubens


Energy Conference Network

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