Your secret weapon for networking and business development

Bizzabo is our customized online platform that benefits speakersdelegates and sponsors by providing access to attendees and content – anytime.  With access to Bizzabo, which is available through your desktop computer, tablet or mobile app, all attendees will truly have the conference at their fingertips before, during and after the event.

When attending an Energy Conference Network event, you won’t miss out on opportunities to meet the right people. Use Bizzabo to meet people before, during, and after the conference – maximizing your opportunities to learn and exchange experiences with like-minded individuals.


Sponsoring an Energy Conference Network event presents multiple opportunities to do business with your target market before, during and after the conference – use Bizzabo to continue your business deals according to your schedule.


  • People you want to meet to do business with
  • Attendee profiles
  • The updated agenda – customized to your requirements
  • Conference floorplans, agendas, meeting room information


  • Public discussion forums – engage in meaningful interactions with attendees before the event
  • Private meetings and messaging: don’t leave meeting the right person at the event to chance
  • Surveys and polls: get valuable insight and market intelligence


  • Business connections with the right people in the energy sector
  • Long-lasting communities of like-minded individuals
  • Knowledge of the conference topics before, during and after the conference to better cater to your market

For more information regarding Bizzabo, please contact:

Energy Conference Network Customer Service
+1 (855) 869-4260