• This event was an intimate setting with industry-relevant sessions and had a high proportion of personas we look to engage with.
    Matt Lindsay, Client Manager, RtTech Software
  • It was an excellent opportunity to learn more about the mining industry, its challenges, how different companies are approaching those challenges, what kind of solutions are being used, and what kind of new technologies we can expect in the near future. Really a high- value opportunity!
    Chris Molina, Technical PM, Yamana Gold
  • The event was a good opportunity to discuss use cases of machine learning in mining and network with colleagues from different mining companies and vendors.
    Felipe Martins, Senior Product Owner, Teck Resources
  • It was great to be part of the current and future trends for tech in the mining industry and see so many people discussing theoretical and practical examples.
    Don Smith, Managing Director Tempest Minerals
  • It was a successful conference in terms of networking, getting insights into industry trends and challenges as well as interesting takeaways provided by keynote speakers from different Services and Operators Companies.
    Leonardo Machado, Sales Manager, Shape Digital
  • The Digitalization in Mining North America Conference is a great experience for the Seeq team. The right audience, in the right place, leads to meaningful conversations for us and helps us strengthen our position in the industry.
    Mariana Sandin, Industry Principal, Seeq
  • Insightful presentations and panels. Great days surrounded by amazing people from the broad mining industry.
    Marine Echternach-Jaubert, PhD Candidate, Polytechnique Montréal
  • Fantastic experience sharing lessons learned from Digitalization in Oil & Gas with the Mining Community. The conference provided a great networking opportunity to meet the miners, learn about the application of AI & ML to lessen environmental impact, improve safety and solve technical and business challenges.
    Fred Clarke, Principal Consultant, Stepchange Global
  • The conference provided an interesting agenda for the excellent mix of experts to navigate what is a nebulous topic.
    David Lyon, President and Principal Engineer, 6SYNCT
  • This was a valuable use of my time to efficiently access the digital readiness of some of the largest miners in the industry.
    Kent Hixson, Sales Director, ZEDEDA