Julie Wallner

Julie Wallner is a seasoned professional with a remarkable 17-year career in the events industry, where she has honed her expertise in sponsorship sales. Known for her strategic approach and outstanding negotiation skills, Julie has played a pivotal role in driving successful partnerships and elevating events to new heights.

Throughout her career, Julie has demonstrated a keen understanding of the dynamic landscape of sponsorship, staying ahead of trends and consistently delivering innovative solutions for clients. Her ability to forge strong relationships with sponsors and stakeholders has not only contributed to the financial success of events but has also enhanced the overall attendee experience.

Julie’s passion for the events industry goes beyond her impressive track record in sponsorship sales. She is a dedicated professional who thrives on creating memorable and impactful experiences. Her commitment to excellence, coupled with her deep industry knowledge, positions her as a go-to expert in the field.

With a reputation for achieving results and a wealth of experience under her belt, Julie Wallner continues to be a driving force in the events industry, shaping the future of sponsorship strategies and contributing to the success of events on a global scale.

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